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Anzac Day 2010 - Melbourne
Anzac Day 2010 - Melbourne

Paul Liversidge, carries the family photo with pride during the Anzac Day Parade in St Kilda Road. Paul marched with the 2/21st Battalion (Gull Force). Also marching on behalf of his father David Hutchins - was Trevor Hutchins and also joining him on the journey was his son Rick and grandson, Marc.

Gull Force 2/21st Battalion, The only two veterans to take part in this years march - Max (Eddie) Gilbert and Walter Hicks.
Watch the march via:  YouTube Approx 5mins
Granddaughters of Pt. Leo F. Manning carry his memory with pride. Leo passed away about 15yrs ago - he rarely spoke of his experience as a P.O.W, but cherished his mates he served with.